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Correct size measurement? This is how you do it.

1.An average lady's wrist is about 16-17 cm and the average men’s 18-19 cm.
Measure the wrist tight but not tightly.

2. Give us your wrist size. Select the box “available in” for the right size.

3. We will calculate the right bracelet. We take mobility into account and space to easily take the bracelet on and off.

We make all the bracelets by order and size.

What is the compostition of the material?

The metals we use for the FLO23 collection are Designer Quality and an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper named ZAMAK. The finish is silver. There is no nickel processing and it is anti allergenic.

The leather is of furniture quality, strong but soft and supple.

Can I also order a FLO23 bracelet in other sizes or colours?

We can make the FLO23 bracelet in every size and every colour.

With a strongly deviant size you can check ANDERS and fill in the right size.

Can I have my FLO23 made or remade in another colour?


If you already have a FLO23 and want another colour bracelet we make it for you for € 15,00 euro. Mail us at with your details.

How quickly do I receive my order?

If you use IDEAL or Paypal,  the consignment will be shipped the next day. We will  send your order as soon as we receive the payment.

In short, with IDEAL 3 days and via the bank 4 days. We use PostNL.

Do I have a warranty with FLO23 articles and how long does it last?

All of our handmade articles are made with care and from the best materials.FLO23 aims for happy customers so don’t hesitate to contact our customer service in case there is a sudden problem with an article. The warranty period is 6 months from the date of purchase mentioned on the invoice.

The warranty period expires with wear and tear or damage due to the following:

Destruction due to showering, swimming, or any other form of substances and/or water, with which the purchased articles can become damaged by the customer or others.

No warranty is given for discoloration and unsuitability.

FLO23 is not responsible for the incorrectly displayed color, i.e. the image resolution of the screen of the client. FLO23 articles are made with care and by hand, it is possible that the similar models have differences.


Can I visit the studio?

Only by appointment
M: +31(0) 6 29373850.

How do I receive my FLO23 articles?

The bracelets are sent by mail in an organza bag.

De bags are mailed in a gift box.

What is the IBAN number and BIC code?

IBAN NR is: NL08 INGB 0008149816 t.a.v FLO23 Haarlem

BIC code is: INGBNL2A

Mail and delivery

  • all articles will be mailed free of charge throughout the Netherlands
  • fast delivery


Not happy? Money back!

  • You have the right to return or exchange the items received, without giving any reason within 30 days.

Pay safely and easily

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